T H E  C H O I C E / T H E  R E S U L T 


Darren has been landscaping since 1986. With 30 years experience in high end resort, residential, commercial and civil infrastructure, we have the experience and knowledge to delivery results. Darren holds a Builders Licence covering all structural landscape works and has held many senior management roles for Tier 1 commercial landscape companies. Darren also has qualifications in contract administration and project management so you can be assured your project will be successful. 

Cost effective

With experience comes understanding of how to effectively and efficiently manage your next project. This saves wasted time and money which helps the bottom line. We have excellent product and supply chain knowledge to meet budgets and deliver your project cost effectively.

Outside the box

Darren has worked hands on and has competencies in paving, carpentry, irrigation, drainage, tiling, stone masonry, steel work and horticulture. With a wealth of knowledge and an ability to think outside the box, we are able to provide design alternatives to achieve your project satisfaction.


Project delivery is about partnership. Joining of minds to get a design and construct the project. Understanding and ability to work around the unforeseen issues is what helps us get you the results.